Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hands of Jesus

In the hands of Jesus there is safety and there is majesty. The hands of Jesus were human. He had child hands when He was a baby. The angels commanded the shepherds to hurry their steps to see those little hands.

The time passed by and those little hands were transformed into hard-working hands. He, who created the stars, was working as a carpenter. His work would be prefect. “We are his hand-made,” as the Apostle Paul said. Those hands that were working over the wood were the same that changed Paul from persecuting Christians to becoming Jesus' disciple (Paul the Apostle, Wikipedia). Paul was motivated not out of obligation for the law, but by love.

The hands of Jesus were generous and gave tender care. His hands blessed everyone he touched. His hands healed the sick. He went where they were.

The hands of Jesus are redemptive. The Bible describes every kind of sin, but it declares that Jesus saves us from all of them. His hands can save us because they are wounded hands. The only thing that mankind made that is found in heaven, is the five wounds that Jesus has in His body. His wounded hands interceded for us before the Throne of Grace for all of us who call on His name.

“When he had said this, He showed them his hands and feet.” Luke 24-40.


  1. Very powerful blog Hellen. I enjoy your writing too; very descriptive.

  2. Hellen, I find your blog inspiring, I enjoy that you have such a strong faith system.

  3. Your blog is very inspiring Hellen! I am personally not very religious, but I am always envious of people who have as much faith as you do.

  4. Very inspiring Hellen! I hope to find something to be so passionate about!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog Hellen. My grandmother has always been religious, but it is when she was faced with battling breast cancer that she became more involved in her faith. I've had many conversations with her and she feels, and I agree with her, that regardless of what faith you are you need to believe in something. During difficult times in our lives it is important to have faith and reasoning, if not we will create more stress and unhappiness. beautiful posts Hellen.