Monday, March 21, 2011

God is taking care of you.

I have had the same questions in winter time: How the squirrels survive this season? As I did not have a clear idea of it, I went to goggle and I found: Tree squirrels build nests out of leaves, twigs and other materials that they find in their surroundings and Ground squirrels live underground. They dig tunnels and rooms under the ground or in the side of a hill. ( It is amazing to see how God put in the mind of this little creature these survival mechanisms. Honestly they are the experts in extreme living conditions, but what it happens when the squirrels or other little creatures died?

Not long ago someone so I little bird died on the floor. That person thought “I almost met with God, because I was attending the funeral of this little Bird”. This little Bird was used as an example for Jesus in one of his speeches, in order to teach his disciples a precious lection of trust.
The Lord Jesus told them that our heavenly father takes care of his creation and He was even at the moment that the little bird passed away, Matthew 10-29   (The Holy Bible, International Bible Society),and God would never forget any of them (the birds).   
If Our Heavenly Father is taking care of the little creatures, feed them and shelter them, imagine his care for us who are his children. The history of the humanity cannot compare the love of God with anything else, because nobody will sacrifice his beloved son for the sake of all Human kind. Look at around and beyond you and you will see the love of the Father in everywhere.
Dear Lord, I know you are taking care of me. Open my eyes to see your love in everywhere. Amen.
“So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Matthew 10: 31, Holy Bible.


  1. I always thought squirrels lived in the trunk of trees. I guess I will have to be more careful where I step in the winter.

  2. Hellen I didn't know this. I love your blog, I do pray but not as often as I should your blogs have given me a push to make sure I do it more often.

  3. Hellen,
    Your blog is very thought-provoking. I hope you will continue it after school ends. I enjoy reading it very much.

  4. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  5. HELLEN!
    I switched email accounts and lost some addresses! :-( I hope sometime you come back and look at this blog -- if you do, write me a comment at my Heere_Be_Dragons blog and I will send you my new address!
    I'm really sorry and I hope you see this at some point!